ECU programming, cloning and “virginizing”

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Our services

This section is mostly for our colleagues from car repair workshops, but individuals are welcomed as well!

We offer our services for cloning almost any ECU (with an exception for some Bosch EDC17 units) if your old one is available to read. Some of the EDC17 modules, we are able to clone: EDC17CP04, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC17CP46, EDC17CP10, EDC17CP31, EDC17CP42 and many others. Transfering of EPROM and immo data is also possible. In-deph analysys for software installed/altered/tuned. Restoration of original software with unaltered error mask.

We are offering cloning of VGS, VGS2, EGS52, 8HP45, 8HP50, 8HP70, 6HP19, Temic DL501 and DQ200 (incl. MQB platform) and many others.

We can “virginize” ECU, TCU and instrument clusters in order to make a used one usable again.

Component protection removal and online software management and coding for VAG is available.

Change of mileage is available only with technical inspection (katsastus) or authorities (Trafficom) written approval/request.

Software upgrade for VAG, Mercedes and BMW through ODIS, Vediamo and E-SYS. Change of VO (vehicle order) is also possible during retrofit session.

Restoration of FRM2 and FRM3 modules.

ECU cloning in a boot mode

Cloning MB ECU after a short circuit

Dashboard virginizing

Virginize MB instrument cluster with VVDI

TCU cloning in a bench mode

Cloning TCU for gearbox replacement

VGS2NAG flashing with Vediamo

Reflashing MB gearbox after “customer’s experiments” 😉