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Engine repair

We will fix your car’s engine for the lowest possible price with the best possible quality or replace it with a new or used one at your choice!

If you have a problem with your car’s engine, just give us a call or send a message. We are working with engines for more than 10 years and we are absolutely sure, we will help your car! All our works are covered with a limited 1 year warranty.
We offer:
·       Using manufacture-grade computer equipment to get the most accurate diagnosis.
·       All processes are handled according to manufacture instructions and standards.
·       Only high-grade spare parts, tools and consumables
·       You can stay in our workshop and have a look, how your car is serviced or repaired
·       We are working everyday! Just choose a date and time and we will be waiting for you!

Average prices

Service procedure Price
Timing belt replacement, incl. water-pump and a V-belt from 250 euroa
Timing chain replacement from 350 euroa
Valve cover gasket replacement from 25 euroa
Head cover gasket replacement from 500 euroa
V-belt replacement from 25 euroa
V-belt pulley replacement from 30 euroa
Thermostat replacement from 40 euroa
Oil tank replacement from 65 euroa
Spark plug replacement from 30 euroa
Glow plug replacement from 50 euroa
Engine replacement from 850 euroa
Injector replacement (diesel) from 60 euroa
Turbo replacement from 350 euroa .
Piston rings replacement from 700 euroa
Valve stem seals replacement from 450 euroa
Front crankshaft seal replacement from 250 euroa
Rear crankshaft seal replacement from 350 euroa
Oil protection cover mounting/dismounting from 20 euroa
Manifold gasket replacement from 120 euroa
Valve compensator replacement from 300 euroa
Engine overhaul (petrol) from 3000 euroa
Engine overhaul (diesel) from 3500 euroa

We offer a “regular service” according to manufacture specifications. It should be handled by certain mileage or car age.