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Suspension repairing

Suspension system servicing. Diagnostics is free of charge!

Suspension system is the one of the most important and vulnerable part of your car. We strongly recommend to have it diagnosed and serviced at least twice a year. There’s no useless of “not important” parts in a suspension system and all elements are connected to each other. Even a small and cheap “dog bone” fault can lead to a breakage of all other parts. If you decide to fix found problems in our workshop, diagnostics is free of charge!

Service procedure Price
Diagnostics from 35 euroa (free of charge if you decide to fix it in our workshop)
Shock absorber replacement from 70 euroa
Wheel bearing replacement from 80 euroa
Ball joint replacement from 90 euroa
Spring replacement from 110 euroa
Stab links(“dog bone”) replacement from 20 euroa
Wheel angles alignment from 95 euroa